M Dean Owen CPA

M Dean Owen CPA

  • 5978 Old US Highway 45, Paducah, Kentucky
  • Phone: (270) 554-0720
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hunter beale says:
2013-10-07 07:09:32

Been very happy with Dean for our taxes. Thorough and very competent + when I needed some quick advice, followed up, and never charged me.

b. slack says:
2013-06-17 08:17:09

Dean has been my CPA for at least six years. He's been kind and patient, despite my chronic financial disorganization. I'm always late but he finds a way to accommodate me. For my 2010 taxes, he met me on a Saturday at 6 pm.

c. seaver says:
2013-05-13 05:55:08

When I get my taxes, they are always correct and professionally packaged. My quarterly tax payments are calculated, and Dean sends me a reminder each quarter to be sure I make them on time.

C. Player says:
2013-01-07 09:44:53

Customer service is amazing, prices are reasonable. You definitely get more than what you pay for: expert service!

Raegan J says:
2012-07-11 04:28:00

I paid half of what I paid with my last CPA. Everyone there was very helpful, great. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and I'll be back here again every year.

Peyton U says:
2012-06-05 08:20:01

Over the years, they've given me some of the best consultation and advice regarding tax and financial matters. I highly recommend them.

Kerrigan K says:
2012-05-18 05:12:24

Fast, Friendly, Courteous and Professional Tax Preparation Services! Thanks Dean!

Shawn B says:
2012-05-14 07:54:03

We have not only had our taxes completed in an efficient and at times, entertaining way, but we have learned something to apply to next year at each visit. We'll be back again next year :)

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